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Best Installation Waterproofing Experts in Santa Monica

Waterproofing Experts in Santa Monica

At Capital Deck and Waterproofing, we recognize that every property is different and requires a tailored approach. With years of professional experience, we have honed our skills to meet the specific challenges presented by Santa Monica’s coastal climate. Our team of experts understands the intricacies of waterproofing in this region, and we pride ourselves on our ability to devise effective strategies that combat these challenges head-on.

Residential and Commercial Waterproofing Services


Residential Waterproofing

Keep your home dry and safe from water damage with our comprehensive waterproofing services. We offer a wide range of solutions for basements, roofs, and exteriors.

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Commercial Waterproofing

Protect your business from water damage with our commercial waterproofing services. We have the experience and expertise to waterproofing any size property.

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Roofing & Deck Coating Services

Safeguard residential and commercial spaces with our eco-conscious waterproofing services, from deck coating to roofing solutions, ensuring lasting protection.

Why to Choose Us

What sets us apart from the competition is our unwavering professionalism, reliability, and dedication to customer satisfaction. We believe that communication is key, and we work closely with our clients to understand their unique needs and concerns. Our team is responsive, transparent, and always ready to go the extra mile to exceed your expectations. As a Licensed General Contractor and Waterproofing Company, we take pride in our reputation for providing reliable and long-lasting solutions. 

Don’t wait until water damage becomes a costly problem. Trust the experts at Capital Deck and Waterproofing to provide you with the most effective waterproofing solutions in Santa Monica, CA. Contact us today for a consultation, and let us protect your property for years to come.

Best Waterproofing Services In Santa Monica

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Residential, Commercial Waterproofing & Deck Coating Projects

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I highly recommend Capital. We recently purchased our home, and there was significant water damage to the large balcony off the main bedroom, which was noted in the inspection report as a hazard.
Aron Miller
we searched the internet for the best company to fix the balcony. After an extensive search and a couple of bids, we settled on Capital Deck & Stair Waterproofing. WE MADE THE BEST DECISION!
John M. Edmond
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Frequently Asked Questions

First and foremost, make sure the contractor and any sub-contractors are licensed, bonded, and insured. You can also check with the Better Business Bureau to see if there are any complaints against the company. Finally, ask for references and check the company’s website for reviews.

You should hire a waterproofing company in Santa Monica if you are experiencing water damage in your home, or if you live in an area that is prone to flooding.

To determine the reputation of a waterproofing company in Santa Monica, ensure they are licensed, bonded, and insured for protection and reliability.

There are many different types of waterproofing services available in Santa Monica, some of the services are mentioned below:

  • Leisure Deck Waterproofing
  • Pool Deck Waterproofing, Resurfacing, and Installation
  • Walking Deck Waterproofing
  • Patio Waterproofing Services
  • Balcony Waterproofing & Repair
  • Fiberglass Staircases Installation & Repair
  • Iron-Based Precast Staircases Specialists
  • Stair Tread Replacement
  • Concrete Waterproofing Services
  • Rooftop Patiosicon,
  • Deck Waterproofing,
  • Decorative Finishes, Seals & Coatings

If you don’t waterproof your home, you may experience water damage, which can lead to mold growth, structural damage, and health problems. It can also decrease the value of your home and make it less desirable to potential buyers.

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